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On the Peccioli site there are two tariffs, the first reserved for those who are residents of the municipality of Peccioli, the second for the remaining users. To enjoy the rate dedicated to residents, it is necessary to attach to the profile a copy of a valid identification document certifying residence in the municipality of Peccioli.


Residents Non Residents
Free Service For The First 2 Hours Of Rental
Euro 1.00/h from the 3rd and up to the 8th hour of rental Euro 3.00/h until the 8th hour of rental
Euro 5,00/h From the 9th Rental Hour Euro 5,00/h from the 9th hour of rental


During the pre-rental phase , a Pre-Authorization of 10 (ten) € is issued to verify that the payment method added by the user is valid. The amount will be returned at the end of the rental or within 48 working hours. The resident rate is implemented through discount coupons.