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Two tariffs are in force on the Santa Margherita Ligure site, the first reserved for the low season, the second for the high season.

Residents will have a 30% discount on the per-minute rate, which will be automatically applied at the end of the rental.

To enjoy the dedicated rates for residents, it’s necessary to attach a valid ID copy to the profile that proves residence in the municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure.


Rates Stagione Prezzo Massimo

Cost of unlocking



Price per minute



Cost of unlocking

High 2,90€

Price per minute

High 0,59€


For the year 2023, High Season is defined as the period between:

  • April 6 and April 13
  • June 25 and September 30 


During the pre-rental process, a Pre-Authorization of €25 (twenty-five) is charged to verify the payment method added by the user. The amount will be returned at the end of the rental or within 48h working hours.


Following are other available packages:


Pack Price
2h Pass 40,00€
4h Pass 60,00€
8h Pass 80,00€
2 days Pass 150,00€
3 days Pass 220,00€
7 days Pass 490,00€


The following packages, valid for the time specified by the purchase, are available in the Shop section of the App. They allow an unlimited number of trips within the specified time frame.
The service operates Monday through Sunday from 8  a.m. to 0 a.m.
For information and clarification write to